Dreamin’ of a White Christmas

Okay so I’m only 2 little months late on this one…I think I was trying to pretend the holidays weren’t totally over yet.  But the trees are long gone and the stockings have been packed away.

So here is my much over-due Christmas recap:

With three years since my last Christmas at home, I was really jonesin’ for a some snow on my holiday.

Wish: Granted.

It was the perfect combination of friends, family and fun – all with the anticipation of the best.day.ever.  Christmas morning at my sisters new home was dreamy as she has recreated what I remember so fondly about  growing up in our family home at the holidays.


The next obvious highlight was New Years Eve.  Being invited to the ever-exclusive Hatchy Malatchy NYE bash was a true delight.  I mean, you know you’re entering an epic night when this is what greets you at the front door….


And then dinner is served and it looks like this….


And then you dance til 3 am (it’s true!) and wonder why you can’t get out of bed 2 days later…


…….dang flu – but so worth it!

Other highlights included introducing Adam to the “best sandwich in the US“.  Yum.  Special thanks to the Dad + Wilskers’ for an excellent tour de Reading Terminal Market.  That is JUST the way to guarantee more visits from Mr. Hines.


I had a lot of fun with my favourite 3 year old:



Here are some of my other favourite photos.  Did I mention it SNOWED!?



I’m sure I’m forgetting lots here – that’s what happens to your memory once you hit 28…
Feeling truly grateful to have enjoyed the final days of a wonderful 2012 with my most favourite people…
Cheers to a happy healthy 2013!

3 comments on “Dreamin’ of a White Christmas

  1. Maria says:

    Delighted that we had so many days in the same time zone! Loved having you here…but were you really here?? Seems like a dream and a blur…but photos do stimulate my memories! Thanks for the recollections and the joy of homecoming! xoxo M

  2. Love the pics of you and James. Insanely cute!


  3. Randy says:

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the photos and commentary.

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