Palm Springs

I’ve been lazy on the blog front.  Okay, lazy on every front.  Since the last time I wrote, Adam has had a whole 3 months off work.  While he was out adventuring – trekking around Nepal and then hiking about Tasmania, I was holding down the fort.  Which translates directly to working + television watching.  I feel like I’ve accomplished a whole lot – like taking down Abu Nazeer with Carrie on Homeland.   There really hadn’t been much to fill you in on…..until the holidays!

We started our US adventures with a quick trip to Palm Springs.  A place I have been wanted to visit for quite awhile now.


We stayed at the Orbit Inn.  Recommend!  What’s not to love about a cocktail hour by the pool and complimentary beach cruisers to check out the town.  Which included this larger than large statue of Marilyn Monroe:


There was some terrain out the back.  I pretended to be adventurous for a moment…



After leaving Palm Springs – we drove to Joshua Tree National Park.  I imagine if you’re into rock climbing it would be a dream come true.  For me, I enjoyed the sights – especially the wackadoodle trees.  The highlight was when a wolfpack crossed the street in front of our car.




California has provided us with a great stepping stone between Australian and the US.  Next it’s off to Philadelphia for a White Christmas!



One comment on “Palm Springs

  1. Mom says:

    Whoa…those trees are Seussical! What a delight to decompress after a long flight to the States in such lovely environs…how do you spell jealous? xo M

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