How I spent my momcation….

Apologies for the mega delay.  I just wasn’t ready to write about this straight away for fear of endless water works….

As my visit back home in April was nearing its end, I felt the only way to board an airplane with an ounce of emotional stability would be to have Mom booked on a flight to Sydney sometime in 2012.  Well that day finally arrived!

Spending an entirely uninterrupted 20 days with my main lady, Ms. Maria O. Brockwell was a dream.come.true.

If I had to give our time together here a mission statement it would be:

To provide an overview of Sydney’s neighborhoods through an in-depth analysis of the cafe culture.  

So off we set on our coffee drinking field trips.

We did more than just sip on flat whites….

I showed her around the ‘hood where she and I took turns snapping the following photos:

We walked to Bronte and were fortunate enough to catch a truly epic Whale show.   Among our other coastal walk highlights was this picture-perfect moment of little boys in the Icebergs pool waiting patiently for a big splash:

Got it!

We went around some Harbourside Gems:

We woke up bright and early to watch the sun come up over the Pacific…

We ventured into the City and over to the North side a few times too…

Finally having the chance to show my mom a slice of my world here was perfection.  I try to describe what I see and do day after day – how the tide changes the vista of the beach and how the birds make the craziest noises, but it didn’t compare to her being here in person and seeing it all for herself.  Now she knows where I grocery shop and who my chemist is and all these silly little things.   It helps to know that my mom knows the landscape of my life.

I miss playing cards with you every night after dinner – but I know I’ll see you on Skype in a few hours and that makes it just a little bit easier.   Thanks for making the journey, Mom.



Oh and the best news was that Maria didn’t hate her 25 hour flight.  So she’ll be back……and I can hardly wait!


5 comments on “How I spent my momcation….

  1. regina says:

    I love this post! Glad you were able to share your day to day life with your mom and my sister Maria!
    xo Regina

  2. Mom says:

    We do always have skype….but the real deal is amazing…plus there is a slightly raw area of my right elbow that reminds me of my trip to Oz…Thanks Nik for making my visit amazing! And thanks to Adam for sharing your home and lady friend with me!! xo M

  3. Pat stalek says:

    Really enjoyed your rendition and how much you guys enjoyed your time together. Jealous much?!?! Yes

  4. terry says:

    Thank you for sharing your time with your mother with all of us on the net. It is all so distant and unreachable to me in this economic climate, but Nik, your pictures and words brought the distance right to my kitchen table. So glad you were able to spend time together.

    All my Best , xox


  5. Renee Overath says:

    I so enjoyed reading about your special time with your Mom. She’s a good girl, eh?
    Love you,
    Aunt Renee

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