Mother of Noodle Down Under

I’ve been here a little over a week and have honestly taken some pretty interesting photos..but we keep going out and having way too much fun to stay inside and write any of this up…sooooooo, we had a little extra time this morning, post cafe – gig and quick marketing for dinner.

Yeah, you think you’ve been to a cafe or two stateside..but Bondi really raises the bar on the coffee scene…heck, they have a whole guide to the cafes in can’t swing a chicken without hitting one…

Porch and Parlour was how we started today’s tour…and yes that is an old bed spring hung on a brick wall with little roses attached..your eyes are not deceiving you….

so this may look ordinary, but it’s actually two little cut out hearts, behind an old screen, framed in an old white frame.  This is hanging on a wall that appears to be coffee coloured plywood…how they do that???

this could be a “mug shot”…get it, mug shot??  I really was/am happier than this …but I hear the camera doesn’t lie..

toast and jam of beauty…so far the winner in the toast field.  apparently it is a breakfast of champions here..

happy campers…but seriously isn’t the camera lying again?  she looks so young and i look so old..yikes



2 comments on “Mother of Noodle Down Under

  1. Renee Overath says:

    You guys look mah-velous! Enjoy every moment.

  2. What an incredible entry. I enjoyed it on my way to work as the subways got back to service. I expect the same tour when I’m there in 2013.

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