Bonnes Vacances!

Walking around Paris in late July you see many of the shops closed with signs in the window reading:

 Reouverture a Septembre.  

Bonne Vacances.

No date.

Just Septembre.

It sure makes the French life/work balance seem pretty cushy.  Especially when you can board the TGV in Paris and just 4 and a bit hours later arrive here:

Collioure is a small French Coastal village located just minutes away from the Spanish border on the Mediterranean side.  It is where Adam and his family vacationed several summers about 15-20 years ago.  It had a special place in his heart and he’d be forever wanting to re-visit it.  I totally understood the magic…..

The Landscape:

The Architecture:

The Torquoise-y Waters:

The Cookies:

The Date Night Setting:

The Company:

Collioure, you haven’t seen the last of us!




One comment on “Bonnes Vacances!

  1. regina says:

    This is where Darryl and I stayed years ago on our tour de France! Yes it’s where Picasso hid out durring the war times and it’s quite nice! French Resistance? perhaps….nice
    xo R

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